Fueled by the notion that the way we present ourselves has a lot with how we dress, Liz Zee has always had a keen eye for detail, especially when it comes to fashion. 
    Truthfully, Liz Zee starting her own business was no surprise. From pursuing her fashion studies in Florence, Italy to work in outside sales in Chicago, she has always been a talented risk-taker. However, while she has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she didnt envision for all of this to occur so quickly. That is where the hard work and the universe come into play. Shortly after working for a Chicago fashion showroom, she was encouraged to follow her dreams and open her online fashion boutique. All she needed was one positive remark and the rest is history. 
    Her mission is to bring womens contemporary style to life while providing exceptional styling advice. The ideal LZ girl is a fashion forward twenty-two year old to a trendy sixty- year old. It truly is a lifestyle and not simply an outfit. She knows life needs a little bit of edge, but a whole lot of elegance. Her fashion icons are the one & only Victoria Beckham who is no stranger to edge and Olivia Palermo who is the queen of elegance. 
    Today, house of lz is available worldwide online at www.houseoflz.com and pop-ups are constantly occurring in the Chicagoland area. Liz Zee is a firm believer in women entrepreneurs and is always partnering up with other girl bosses that are involved in the beauty, style, and fitness industry. Keep an eye out for all of the latest arrivals and as always, please feel free to reach out for a style consultation.